Federal Reserve: Game of Bailout

For this week’s article, in light of the new Federal Reserve crackdown on Wells Fargo, I thought I would share an essay I wrote on this very topic a few years ago. The very name of this organization is such a misnomer, for the Federal Reserve is neither federal or a reserve, which confuses a lot of people. My paper will break down the history of this building in DC, how it operates, why it’s harmful to the USA, and much more. While I do not agree with everything I wrote and some of the research done in here is not up to par on my current standards, the general idea is still spot on.

Yes, this paper is long, almost twenty pages of information on the organization that has a monopoly on our currency here. If you would like, I highly recommend checking out the book Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin and the documentary Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone. These resources will uncover our country’s greatest untold stories about the United States government and will go into far more detail than I will. As for why it’s important to know about the Federal Reserve and why it’s not the center of focus regarding political debates really, it’s because the less Americans know about our money system, the easier it is to control it without problems.

So, without any more delays, let’s get into it. Be warned, this topic is not for the light of heart and can get a bit overwhelming at times, but stick to the very end, for when you open pandora’s box, while a lot of bad stuff comes out, but hope exits last.

The Federal Reserve: Game of Bailout

Most Americans use money on a daily basis, buying their needs and wants with the US currency everywhere they go. Yet, not many understand how our banks operate or how money keeps being flooded into markets. This lack of knowledge has been a huge problem in the United States for a while. Most Americans aren’t even aware of this evil dragon, as it is often left in its den to continue to destroy our economy. This evil dragon was born in Jekyll Island in 1910. Ever since it made its way to congress, it’s been responsible for more destruction to the United States than most people imagine, as it’s the secret weapon that causes inflation and debt. This evil creature was made to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the common people’s wallets. This evil dragon is the Federal Reserve, the fourth United States Central Bank system that still exists today. The Federal Reserve must be terminated because of its history, how it operates, the failure to benefit the public,encourages war, encourages totalitarianism, and puts the future of the United States in an unpleasant scenario.

The Federal Reserve system’s history reveals why the United States has such a poor economy and how the same destructive mistakes keeping happening over again for the bank’s and government’s personal benefit. First, it was modeled after the Central Bank of England. This central bank was the first to have a partnership with politicians. Politicians got whatever amount of money they wanted from the bank, which they took a transaction fee called interest. This caused an increase in the money supply. This increase devalues the currency, resulting in inflation (1). The taxpayers get to bite the bullet for something they had no part in. When the bank couldn’t pay back the depositors’ money, the government bailed them out and said they didn’t need to liquidate their funds to pay back all the lost money. The bank was then kept in business and continued this toxic scheme. The cycle just repeated itself from there. As a result, there was no price stability. The economy went down under and the people had to suffer the losses, not the government or the bankers, they got to make a good profit out of this scheme (1). So when the Federal Reserve System was written by private bankers on Jekyll Island in 1910, not lawmakers, the same partnership between the government and the bank was made. The plan was kept in total secrecy in fear that if the public found out, there would be an outrage, as the citizens at the time were weary of central banks (2). The men who wrote the Federal Reserve System were meticulous in every detail, from using only first names when traveling on the train to hiring new workers at the island during their stay, so no one could recognize them(1). “The bill was then passed to Senator Nelson Aldrich, who had ties to banking cartels (2).” He said that in order to avoid another Panic of 1907, a new central bank was to be created. President Woodrow Wilson took money from the bankers for his campaign, promising he would pass the Federal Reserve Act. The bill passed on December 23rd, 1913. Years later, Wilson said in regret, “I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, … no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men (2).” The United States was now run not by the people, but by a few wealthy, influential men who had control over the currency in the United States. In the defense of Wilson, if he didn’t take the sweetened deal they offered him, it’s guaranteed the banks would have found some other candidate to support the scheme as law. After the law passed, it wasn’t long until the United States faced the same problems the Bank of England did. The currency value went down and prices went up. This type of system is destructive and has been since day one, the same toxic scheme creates the same toxic outcome. Yet, congress kept bailing out banks “in the name of public interest”, when in reality it made the public suffer the consequences and pay the expensive bill through inflation. Bailing out banks is shown throughout history as a really bad idea, with examples being the Lockhead Bank, New York City,Chrysler, Commonwealth Bank of Detroit, Pennsylvania Bank, and Continental Illinois; along with other countless major banks in the United States (1). All these bailouts were pushed to congress as a need to help the public and turned out to do more harm than good. This is one of the reasons why the Federal Reserve System needs to be terminated, its history proves that it can’t help the economy for the better. The system completely failed the American people time and time again.

The way the Federal Reserve system operates may look confusing and chaotic, but it’s actually quite simple. The system is meant to confuse people, so it’s easier to tell them that it’s the only way to operate. The banks can’t continue this scheme if everyone knew the game they play everyday. This game is called Bailout (1). First, let’s get one thing straight, the federal reserve is not federal at all, it’s a private corporation with no government regulation (7). The president may appoint the federal reserve chairman, but that’s about it. It makes its’ own policies and lends money to the government. Its name is misnomer on purpose to make it seem like it’s apart of the government, when in reality the two are completely different. (7). With that in mind, let’s look at this system and see how it really works. Let’s say a customer comes into the bank and wants to get a loan for an expensive house. The bank then creates money out of nothing and lends it to the customer, all while charging interest (7). Some may think that interest is valid because the bank worked for the money, but in this case, does the bank really deserve to receive interest for something it created with a click of a button? It’s also important to note they are able to create money out of thin air because our currency is fiat money, it’s legal tender (7). The US dollar is backed by zero percent gold, no one can exchange our paper money for gold. Legal tender means the people are forced to use this flexible currency, which is what gives this useless money value (1). The only difference between monopoly money and the US dollar is that people believe one has value, when it fact both of them have no real value whatsoever. This non gold standard allows for the banks to make money out of nothing, due to it’s not backed by anything. Also, most banks tell their customers that they can withdraw their money from their savings accounts at any time, assuming that most won’t take a large sum at the time. This is simply not the case. The bank lends out the customer’s money to other people as well, doubling the original amount. All while charging more interest on the newly created money, and giving little interest to the customer for using their money that they actually worked for, not created out of thin air. Continuing on, the banks make loans to get profit from the interest, they don’t want people to pay back the loan; because then the gravy train stops flowing. Finding a new borrower can be a nuisance, so the banks lend out money at unreasonable rates so the customer pays them more interest.(1). When the customer realizes that they can’t pay the interest anymore, instead of liquidating assets and foreclosing the loan, the bank gives the customer another loan to pay off the other loan, thereby doubling the interest. There’s no money to pay back the loan when every dollar is loaned at interest, so the debt just keeps growing and growing until the customer has had enough and realizes it can never pay back this loan (1). Eventually, this process with many customers playing the game causes the bank to plunge into bankruptcy. This is the final maneuver, the bank gets into a team huddle for one last play. They come out with another solution, have the government guarantee to help pay off the loan with another loan (1). This is made to look like this benefit the public, as the banks march to congress telling them that this will hinder the public if not bailed out (1). Yet, as history tells us, it only creates our most unfair tax, inflation, and does not in fact benefit the public at all. Therefore, the banks can mess around and make bad loans knowing that the government will back them up and bail them out, which means our taxpayer dollars goes into bailing out the banks. So the devious game continues, the taxpayers bite the bullet when the banks go bankrupt, and the vicious cycle sees no end. The banks don’t have to be careful, they can make reckless loans and even profit from it knowing that the government backs them up every time they fail (1). It’s like that spoiled rotten kid that has rich parents. They can be reckless and walk through life making mistakes, but instead of ending up living on the street and rubbing nickels together just to get by like everyone else who makes those bad decisions, their parents bail them out and continue to allow the process to repeat. The government plays the role of the parents and the federal reserve is the spoiled rotten kid, the government bailed them out no matter what thinking they are helping, when in fact they are just making matters much worse. Meanwhile, the government can borrow as much money as possible at not reasonable interest rates, causing even more economic problems. When the government borrows money and it plunges into the public, the debt increases (7). It may be surprising to know that our money system operates with debt. If everyone paid back their debts, all of the money would be back into the vault and there wouldn’t be a penny to spare. All of our money is lend out with interest, every single dollar (1). In conclusion, the way the Federal Reserve cartel operates damages our country with debt and overall, is not understood by most Americans.

One of the many reasons why the Federal Reserve needs to be terminated is because of the failure to benefit the public, many due to corruption. Ever thought that the American people’s voices doesn’t matter and that what they have to say is irrelevant? Sadly, that’s correct. In a princeton study, they collected data over the course of many years to determine if the government really voices the people’s opinions (5). The ideal graph represents that the proportions are equal, i.e if 10% of Americans liked an idea, there would be a 10% chance congress would pass it; 50% of people support it, 50% chance of passing, and so on (5). The reality is far worse from ideal, unfortunately. The study showed that whether or not the common people really loved or really hated an idea, there was about a 30% chance that bill would pass, the voice of the people had zero influence on congress (5). To top it all off, there was a group that had huge influence on congress. The elite have their own line on this graph, they are way closer to the ideal line than the common people. They have the money to butter up politicians with million dollar deals and hire a team of lobbyists to convince congress members to give them what they want, and it’s perfectly legal to do so (5). Who is apart of this elite graph? Why billionaires, the top 200 corporations, unions, trade associates, and other super rich special interest groups can buy political influence in the United States. This is why the banks keep getting bailed out. They go and butter up congress to bail them out, despite the fact this is not the most popular idea among the common people, yet we are the ones that pay for it with a failing education system, poverty, expensive healthcare, and much more (5). Even Joseph Stiglitz, a former chief economist at the World Bank, went on to say this about the Federal Reserve: “”If we had seen a governance structure that corresponds to our Federal Reserve system, we would have been yelling and screaming and saying that country does not deserve any assistance, this is a corrupt governing structure. It’s time for us to reflect on our own structure today, and to say there are parts that can be improved. (4).” Stiglitz basically flat out said that the federal reserve system is corrupt and has conflicting interests with the public. The same article also stated that “Goldman Sachs were given hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts (4).” Meaning, US citizens pay for this frivolous stuff. As stated earlier, when the government decides to bail out companies, they are using taxpayer dollars to do so. The government uses our money to bail out people who bought political influence. This also generates our most unfair tax, inflation, which does not benefit the public at all. An example for this reckless behavior is New York in 1975, when they were facing economic problems and couldn’t make payroll (1). The problem of this dilemma is New York had become a welfare-state; with free healthcare,college educations, housing; along with too generous fringe benefits (1). They had three options to solve this issue: raise taxes, which were not able to cover the cost of this utopia, decrease costs, or go into debt. New York decided to go into debt, then they flooded the market with bonds, which quickly became useless. They couldn’t find anymore lenders and the interest payments came to a halt (1). Now is the time for the banks to play the bailout game. Therefore, the banks with their special interest in mind, decided to march to congress to demand that New York be bailed out. They told them financial crisis would strike the public if New York went bankrupt, starvation and crime would go up, people would be out of essential services,etc (1). Influential people like Rockefeller and Chancellor of West Germany made statements about how the bankruptcy of New York would turn into a world-wide chaotic mess. Congress didn’t want to disgrace New York or the world, so they ordered the treasury to nearly double New York’s debt, lending them 2.2 billion dollars (1). The interest on the old debt began immediately, and New York continued the same financial problems it did before.

Now it is nearly impossible for them to get out of debt from continuing to be a welfare state(1). This similar situation has occurred over and over, but the government never learns its lesson. In most cases, not only did bailing out the banks not help the public, it only made things so much worse. Bankers make it seem like they are with the public interest, but in fact they are following their own agenda, and the public be damned.

One of the biggest reasons why the Federal Reserve must be put to an end is it encourages war. All Wars are Banker Wars, as they are used to establish totalitarianism and make a handsome profit for the elite. With the Gold Standard in the decline, paper money arose as legal tender, which created a lot of flexibility to fund wars, since banks could now make money out of thin air (1). Almost no government in history has ever funded a war through fundraising, it’s usually lended out to them with a high interest rate. Although, Napoleon strongly disliked the banks. The banks were certain he couldn’t fund enough money in time to fight off the conflict, so him being overthrown was a sure thing, at least that’s what it seemed like(1). So when he needed a ton of money to fight a war against enemies the central banks were funding, he solved this problem quite simply. He sold off some land to those Americans, they gave him 5,000,000 euros for a piece of land called the Louisiana Purchase. This made him able to equip his army and win the battle at Waterloo (1). This a rare occurrence in history. Warfare costs usually doubles, if not triples, the debt of a country. One of the earliest examples of these types of banks encouraging war is the War of 1812, one of the most senseless battles in History. While England may have been capturing sailors, France did the same thing, but this was ignored. This policy was also removed by England before the war even began, which would have shut down the cause of war if Congress let it (1). Yet, the US wanted conflict so they could profit immensely. Even the captured sailors opposed the war, along with most of the American Citizens. The ones who wanted war? The regions where wildcat banks and state banks were, the ones who lent the government money at interest when the war started (1). The state banks created enough money to raise the $45 million debt to $127 million. The value of the dollar shrank and the people paid the price. The war was obviously used for pro-banking interests. Michael Rivero,in his documentary on the purpose of war, declares this statement: “Plagued by inefficiency and corruption, the First Bank of the United States was so unpopular that Congress ignored Rothschild’s threats and refused to renew its charter in 1811. Rothschild, whose control over British money enabled him to control both the economy and Parliament, had warned that Britain would declare war to re-colonize the US unless Congress renewed the charter. Although the US won the War of 1812, they were forced to charter the Second Bank of the United States in 1816 to repay their massive war debt. America’s second central bank lasted until 1832, when voters returned Andrew Jackson to a second term based on a campaign promise to shut it down.(8)”. It’s pretty clear that the war was used as a tool to gain profit. This type of banking system allows governments to fund wars with ease due to virtually created fiat money. With a gold standard, governments have to either borrow money that already exists or find a way to fundraise the money themselves. While this was under the 2nd central Bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve makes these kinds of loans everyday (1). Most of the money the Federal Reserve creates is virtual, only about 3% of the money is in paper and coin (8). There are also many other examples of the US encouraging in war to gain profit, such as the sinking of the Lusitania to get the United States involved in World War One. The purpose of this was arouse anger in citizens and have the majority be sold into the war, were before not many were (1). The precautions taken on this ship were few and far between. The ship’s captain was ordered to lower the coal amount, which reduced the ship’s speed, which caused the Lusitania to be an easier target, since it was moving slower. The british ship was also told to take down their british flag and fly a neutral one instead. This set a trap for Germany, which they fell into. In addition, the government was very aware of the ship going into dangerous zones were German enemy ships would definitely fire (1). The ship was also stocked with military cargo, even resembled to get rid of passenger seats for more room, making it an essential war materials carrier (1). This cargo was kept secret, being covered with fake labels and the US denying any such cargo on a “passenger” ship. Newspaper ads were also written to warn people about the voyage in the Lusitania, but at the last minute withdrawn with heavy demand from the government (1). When the ship sank and all those American lives were lost, the United States called for war against the Axis Powers and Germany. They joined the Allied Powers and helped them win the war. It’s also known that the Axis powers, with Germany in a huge advantage, would have possibly won the war if the United States did not get involved, but instead tumbled in defeat(1). The Federal Reserve lent the United States fiat money to join the war, causing inflation. The Federal Reserve system encourages the pro-banking interest with wars that have cost millions of lives, which is one of the strongest reasons why it must be terminated permanently and for good.

Make no mistake that war and totalitarianism go hand in hand when it comes to central banking and the Federal Reserve. In fact, Fractional Reserve Banking encourages it. With this system, tycoons can make money out of nothing, with no government regulation or federal rules, and lend it out with huge interest rates to both sides of a war and profit immensely (1).Mayor Rothschild once said, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws. (3).” It is said that that the Rothschilds were the shadow rulers of Europe and soon got influence over the US with taking over the Country’s money supply. Also stated before, the same banker tycoons that lend this fiat money are the ones that reap the benefits at the taxpayer’s expense (1). They are bailed out time and time again, giving them a safety net to make profit and slowly drown the economy until it’s no longer breathing. The world bank also takes control of countries that are impoverished, not with guns and soldiers, but with the World Bank (1). They lend these dictators loads of money and they misspend it all, only to get more money to add to the ever growing pile of debt. These dictators only make matters worse and the country would have been way better off without banking intervention, but the dictators are addicted to the massive cash flow and allow the bankers to do whatever they want (1). Any one who protests these very powerful bankers are sure to pay the price. There are many reasons out there as to why John F. Kennedy was assassinated, but there’s one theory that is more prominent than others. That is because he was going to pass and did sign Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963. This would have switched back the US to backing up paper money by coin, instead of being legal tender (3).This would have stopped the use of the Federal Reserve and switched back to printing money by the Treasury (3). This was not in banking interest and needed to be dealt with immediately. This would limit their power on the money supply, costing them serious cash flow. Five months after signing that order, Kennedy was shot by a crazed lone nut, with the silver certificates he authorized pulled out of circulation and later destroyed (3). Yes, there are many overlapping agendas that wanted the president dead, but why was John J Mccloy, the former president of the World Bank among other Banking companies, but in charge of Warren Commission if there is no link? He is not a homicide detective (3). What business does a bank president have on investigating the assassination of a US president? In addition, Abraham Lincoln printed greenbacks, worth $5 each, through the government during the civil war (4). The banks did not like this, so they punished him by giving funds to the Confederacy. After the War and his assassination, the greenbacks were also pulled out of circulation (4). What’s really mind blowing about this is the greenbacks were also fiat money, but since the government was printing the money, the banks got no profit. There was no interest on the money, therefore, the banks got moot (1).The ability to expand the money supply drastically through fractional-reserve banking allows for bankers to fund an army with no problem or come up with the funds for a plan really fast. The lunatic that attempted to kill Andrew Jackson, the president that fought a war against the banks and eventually won, said that people in Europe would have helped him escape the consequences and would have covered up his crime (1). This sounds very familiar, since the people ruling Europe were one of the richest bankers in the world. Andrew Jackson fought a hard war against the banks, with the slogan bank or no Jackson, or no bank and Jackson. Nicholas Biddle was Jackson’s opponent, he was the general force or pro-banking systems in the US. He became one of the most powerful men in America, taking a superior position taking charge of the state banks and the Bank of the United States (1). With congress and segments of the press along with other groups under Biddle’s palms, who gave them their salaries and paid for their campaigns, even if they wanted to object to the central bank, they didn’t want to bite the hand that feeds them (1). Jackson and Biddle were even matched. Jackson didn’t deliver his most inspirational speech to congress or those people, he had the weapon of appealing to the electorate, the common people. Jackson vetoed congress’ bill to recharter the 2nd bank, but still had to worry about congress overriding his veto with the bribes of Biddle. Here is part of his speech he gave to convince the people that pro-banking was harmful to society: “It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes. Distinctions in society will always exist under every just government. Equality of talents, of education, or of wealth cannot be produced by human institutions. In the full enjoyment of the gifts of Heaven and the fruits of superior industry, economy, and virtue, every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add to these natural and just advantages artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society…. have a right to complain of the injustice of their government. There are no necessary evils in government. (1)”. Jackson advocated for the people and believed central banking only benefited the wealthy, with the citizens left to pick up the tab, which they had every right to be upset over and complain about. He thought abusing the power in government was evil and must be eliminated. His work was not unforgotten, but completely undone as the lessons of pro-banking faded away and the all powerful bankers took charge once again with the start of the Federal Reserve (1). Furthermore, the same families that run the Federal Reserve system back then also still run it to this day, which include the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers (3). With the public’s lack of knowledge about the Federal Reserve System, most people assume it’s all “complicated banking stuff” that not the average citizen can understand and don’t bother learning how the US money system works (1). In conclusion, the Federal Reserve system encourages totalitarianism with the ability to take out opposition easily most of the time and control the politics of a country through bribes and promises, which is why it should be eliminated from society completely.

The future of the United States might as well be a scary continuous American Horror Story episode, for things aren’t getting much better and the living nightmare is nowhere near over. The dragon lies sleeping in its ever growing hoarded gold, and the Americans blindly pay for it. Even the Federal Reserve chairman, Janet Yellen, said the Federal Reserve has no idea what it’s doing (6). Janet Yellen’s exact words were “Policymakers have to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of alternative monetary implementation frameworks in the presence of new policy tools”, where the translation means they have no clue what is going on (6). This is equally terrifying as the past events discussed earlier, as the future seems just as destructive and even more chaotic with this in mind. Although this isn’t big news either, people have known for years the Federal Reserve had no idea what it’s doing, they just finally admitted it recently (6). Some people even speculate that a secret society, better known as the Round Table, is soon to take over the world(1). They have been in existence for about 100-150 years, no one knows the exact number. Their goal is to achieve world domination one step at a time (1). They also support a “New World Order” where they are in control of everything and everyone (1). While there is evidence that states this society is real, not much is known about them and they are very hard to trace and get information on. Most of the evidence is speculation. Although when Dr.Quigley wrote a very dry, long history book called Tragedy and Hope, it exposed one of the deepest secrets of all time (1). This book was meant for the elite and super-rich, not the common person, he agreed with the attentions of this society, as his friends and colleagues were super rich, elite, and network insiders (1). When the book got extremely popular and began being quoted by many scholars, it suddenly got taken out of print and never to return to shelves again (1). People on the waiting list never got their books, despite it being widely known about. This is awfully suspicious and definitely not a coincidence. Unfortunately, most people nowadays won’t pick up a book about how money works or the real history of the USA, they’ll read whatever New York Times bestseller is on the list this week. Which is not wrong, but won’t help anyone when the real terror strikes and everyone is bankrupt from the many years of destructive practices the central banking system uses. Even with the various Ron Paul supporters out there protesting the end to the federal reserve, and even if they got national attention, most people are so clueless about how money works that they would side with whatever puppet master claims the Federal Reserve is beneficial (1). Along with the fact that most cases regarding fractal banking scams are thrown out of the courts and dismissed immediately, because the government relies on the Federal Reserve to print the money, not the treasury (1). People will look around and go, “Huh, I thought everything was fine! Where did we go wrong? I knew so in so was a bad president!” and wonder what happened to America, when in truth, it was right under their noses the whole time. It was not a certain president that doomed our country, it was a long string of them that bailed out the banks time and time again, from both major parties. If the government really wanted to end this horrible cycle of inflation and debt, they would put all the greedy bankers in prison and step out of the picture (1). They would let them fail like they were any other business. Instead, they come up with plans that are just plain silly and don’t tackle the real problem. They try to make it so unhonest banking can resume and the economy will still be okay, but there’s no way to have both. In all seriousness, some of the biggest criminals in our country wear nice silk suits and milk the public for everything they have. In the end, the train tracks America built went off its prosperous course and lead us to the disaster citizens face today. The future may change, but it sure does not look pretty right now.

In conclusion, The Federal Reserve poses a very real threat to the future of the United States. There’s many reasons for this, all of them affecting American lives everyday. It’s such a shame that people won’t read news about foreign policy, the banking system, or any major war going on right now. Most would rather hear about the Kardashian Family or who got murdered this week, which is completely irrelevant to our society. However, it’s up to the people to educate themselves about these topics outside of the classroom and not from mainstream media. They deserve to hear the truth, no matter how painful it is. Mainstream media doesn’t really cover any real important information, most of the time when an average citizen turns on Fox news or KTLA; the stories are about some wannabe criminal, some rare miracle that no one cares about, or the best doughnuts to get in the area, something along those lines. In addition, it’s a safe bet to say that most Americans have no clue what the Federal Reserve is, how it operates, and what it’s primary goals are. Lot of politicians say they fight against terrorism in their country and want to put an end to it, yet they won’t get rid of the most terrifying system in America, which hinders its citizens way more than some radical terror group thousands of miles away. It’s also really pathetic when people say the USA is the richest country in the world, when we are trillions of dollars in debt and our whole money system is based off debt. How is the USA exactly super rich? The government is literally in a never ending debt cycle. The real question is, when will the Government follow the constitution and get back to the roots it outgrew?

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