Conservatism is the New Hot Counter Culture

Turns out, Paul Joseph Watson was right. Conservatism is the new counter culture. As a bonus, conservatives tend to be more attractive than their counterparts. Which is not shocking to say the least, since a lot of feminists, who tend to lean left, do not properly groom themselves to either prove some stupid political point or fight the nonexisting and not proven to be real “patriarchy”. Meanwhile, more political or conservative women look more feminine in appearance and attractive to the eye.

While looks are not everything, it’s important to note that conservative women look more like women than girls on the left who are consumed with marxism and female genital hats. On top of that, leftist women love to bully others into their distorted view of what beautiful should be. Don’t believe me, take a wikipedia search of Lauren Southern or Ivanka Trump’s picture and biography, then compare them to Rosie O’Donnel or Lena Dunham. You tell me which women look more like God’s design of femininity and is truly pro-women, and which ones are in dire need of a proper haircut and a flattering feminine outfit, who are triggered by women who love to be, you know, women.

Truth be told, It’s really not a shocker that conservative women are taken more seriously, they don’t typically dress like poorly designed circus acts and spread fake news while threatening violence against anyone who wears clothing items they do not like. Most conservative public figures actually have arguments that do not involve screeching at the sky and silencing opposition, who weigh in pros and cons of an idea/person and make up their own mind about how they feel. While this not particularly true with every woman on the left, a lot of them that I have met/watched their commentary just regeristate the same garbage over and over again, especially on the most credible source for news, Twitter.

As for the Right being apart of the new counterculture, it’s just the truth. Being a democrat is mainstream here in the USA. A ton of major news networks and online journals lean to the left, such as CNN, ABC, The Washington Post, New York Times, etc. Nothing makes me laugh harder these days than never-trump liberals claiming they are apart of a revolution against the system when in fact, their presidential candidate of 2016 was apart of the system. Hillary Clinton was an establishment choice, even if she claims otherwise. Minus her gender, race, and lack of charisma, there was almost nothing that made her any different than Obama, the man that promised change but did not really deliver.

Sure, there are a ton of traditional ( typically Christian) Republicans out there who do not like Trump as a president and are not fond of this new conservative movement, such as pro-life and free speech advocate Mike Adams, and the founder of Desiring God webpage John Piper, but even people like these men would be considered counterculture today. They rebel against the some of the most popular democratic ideas of today such as pro abortion, prominent promiscuity, and safe spaces. One thing’s for sure, they are definitely allies more than enemies, for they preach against the injustice the Clinton’s have done over the years and the lies spread by modern feminism. There’s a definite red stripe that runs across their back.

To think, back in the 1970s, the band Sex Pistols were the most rebellious and nonconforming group out there, who went against every classic conservative cultural troupe and offended a lot of people with their risque clothes and lyrics. Fast forward almost half a decade later, these punk rockers would not necessarily blend in completely with the mainstream, but would definitely not be seen as a troublemaking band that needs to be silenced. The tables have surely turned.

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