My Thoughts on Milo Yiannopoulos

When it comes the internet’s most fabulous gucci gang driven super troll,not much is off limits with Milo Yiannopoulos. His jokes are abrasive and in your face, holding back nothing, not even the sheer laughter he gets from mocking feminist and radical leftists for their straw man arguments against him. His college campus tour was responsible for the rise of Trigglypuff, now a infamous feminist meme.

While I am the really new kid on the block commenting on political issues and society’s morals, I have followed a ton of converservatvie platforms for years, starting with the Benedict Arnold of the Right, the one and only Glenn Beck. Man, watching him obliterate the left on Fox News back in the day, as a young little fourth grader, was so heartwarming. Such a shame he turned into a traitor, he used to actually have good points on current issues. It was fun hearing Beck bash Obama for having doctors literally stand behind him when rolling out the failure of Obamacare, but times have changed since then. Glenn Beck is now a phony republican who let Big Brother get to his head.

Flash forward to the present, the political commentary has changed drastically, all thanks to people like Trump and Milo. Both these people take zero nonsense from the left, who spread lies and rumors about them, especially Trump, like they are Regina George in high school. It’s just petty and stupid at this point. Now, the rules of political debates are being broken, and not just by Hillary Clinton herself, Trump also got some heat for being too blunt and politically incorrect. However, I’ll take being too up front over cheating anyday.

Thankfully, no longer do people on the right have to put up with democratic slander and nonsense. In California, I recall being told by people in my life much older than me ( who were moderately conservative/libertarians in the largest blue state) to not talk about republican positions in front of my peers, for it was “offensive” or something. This goes to show how many people claiming to be on the right have given into this no backbone attitude just to please others, but not Milo. He truly does not have a care in the world if he offends anyone.

Back in 2017, with Milo’s college tour growing more and more popular, many educators have tried to silence him along with leftist students, but have failed miserably. Instead of sending him off into the upside down world, they have him an even bigger platform on major news networks. Great job, you guys! That’s not even the best part of this whole crusade’s against Milo. Despite having a major publishing company back out suddenly last year on his book deal, Milo managed not only to publish Dangerous on his own publishing firm, but had that same book sell over 100,000 copies within the first week of its release. Not to mention, Milo began to publish other people’s work who were in the same position as he was. Let’s call that a major comeback.

Yes, there are some traditional conservatives who claim Milo is poisoning the right, even falsely labeling him the leader of the alt-right, which is far from the truth, since Milo has come out to say he does not support the alt-right in the slightest. In my humble opinion, a good majority of these people on the right or left probably fear Milo’s abrasive approach because it goes against this politically correct atmosphere, among other things, like his excessive swearing in his speeches and openly sexual persona. While I find the last two parts are not really my cup of tea and do consider it Milo’s weakest points, what Milo gets right, he blows right out of the park.

Like stated earlier, it’s nice to see public figures not be so afraid of their opponents not liking what they have to say. While some of Milo’s views do not align with mine ( I am a reformed protestant and he’s a gay Catholic man), I can still respect his points and see eye to eye on many topics, such as the murderous and historically racist intentions of the pro abortion organization, Planned Parenthood. Not everyone has to believe the exact same things as you to be considered respectful. Nobody, except Jesus himself, is perfect.

One last thing, remember that Milo’s new book about the disgusting behavior of Hollywood and the return of his college tours are coming full force this year. Looks like Milo and team is here to stay, at least for another season As much as many of his critics want him to strike out, he seems to be slaying the game regardless. May the grace of God fall upon his shoulders and guide him in the right direction.