I Stand With Shane Dawson.

As many of you are aware, a video circulated on Twitter earlier today accusing Shane Dawson, a youtube veteran who is famous for his outrageous comedy from back in the day and his recent series about conspiracy theories, for being a pedophile, using proof of an old podcast he posted years ago discussing a young girl posting creepy selfies on the internet. It’s a fact, this video was manipulated to make Shane look like a creep, deleting the parts of his commentary saying he does not agree with pedophilia. It’s insane that somebody would do this, considering how vocal Shane is about hollywood and child abuse in his videos. It’s fake news at this point. Even in the original clip, Shane make remarks stating he does not applaud pedophile behavior, despite his poor choice of words and jokes cracked.

So, here’s why I stand with Shane Dawson: he is a genuine person. Shameless plug, but I have been a fan of his videos for about two or three years now, not all of them of course (looking at you reaction videos and trying stupid craft projects), but I find his commentary to be funny and heartfelt. When I felt depressed and lonely, Shane’s videos put a smile on my face. Yes, he curses a lot. Yes, he’s not a Protestant Christian. Yes, I don’t agree on some philosophies that he lives by. Yes, Shane comes off as a weird goofball in his videos.

However, Shane is vocal about so many important issues, such as depression, body weight insecurities, loneliness, etc. While I can’t consider Shane a friend of mine, because I have never met him or have spoken to him online, but I get the impression he’s not a fake. Phonies don’t share their life stories, with the good, bad, and the ugly, all in tact. Phonies don’t post content to make people feel better about themselves and tell them they are not alone. Phonies don’t confront their critics and listen to what they have to say. From my point of view, Shane is NOT a pedophile hiding in the closet, just someone who made a tasteless joke many moons ago that should not be taken out of content and twisted to make it seem worse than it really is. Shame on the person who is trying to tear down his character, I sincerely hope they apologize and realize the consequences of their actions. That is all.