Welcome to my little corner of the internet, Ms All American. Check out My Favorite Blog Posts to get started or just browse around to find something you like. Remember, no trigger warnings or politically correct language is found here. This blog is inspired by conservative speakers such as the one and only Milo, Paul Joesph Watson, John Piper, Mike Adams, Lauren Southern, and more. A big shoutout to ShoeOnHead and Blaire White as well, who I believe are liberal, but not SJW maniacs.

As for more info about me, I am a California native that’s actually conservative. I must be unicorn here. Anyway, my hobbies include writing, reading a plethora of books and articles, and fighting off operating thetons on spaceships. I was born once, and one day I will die. As for the inspiration behind my blog name, the one thing radical liberals hate more than Katy Perry singing on stage in a Kimono is American heritage. Also, the United States of America is the country where I am from and believe in, and it’s represents so much more than mere words.


“I’m American”

If I tell you about freedom,
then I’m American.
If I lecture you on the civil war,
then I’m American.
If I rave about Andy Warhol,
then I’m American–
I’m going on and on
about this proposition
that all men are created equal,
about how this nation
under God
will not perish from the Earth.
It’s so American.

If we got George Washington
on the dollar bill,
then you’re in America.
If we have fries with everything,
then you’re in America.
If we love our second amendment,
then you’re in America.
If you see the Statue of Liberty,
then you’re in America.
We’re going on and on
about this piece of paper
that begins with “We the People”.
It’s so American.

If I talk about human rights,
then I’m American.
If I care about our nation’s security,
then I’m American.
I’m going on and on
about how coffee
is way better than tea.
Not all our great presidents
agreed on every single thing,
except that we’re proud to be American.